By Matt Heard

Eternal life is not just a synonym for heaven, but something to be experienced now – on a daily basis – as well as in our future; the life we ultimately long for is the Life only Christ can provide.

Too many of us relate with Jesus as the Way and the Truth, but not the Life. In other words, we let the gospel inform us about what to believe in order to get to heaven but we don’t let it also inspire us about how to fully live. It’s a Life-draining tendency in which we build a sacred/secular wall between our spiritual lives and our physical lives, separating what happens in church from how we live the rest of the week.

As a result, followers of Christ can struggle to taste the gospel’s powerful and holistic influence in their daily journeys, and not-yet-believers, because of what they see in Christians, struggle to see the gospel’s relevance for their own daily existence as a human being.

Life with a Capital L: Embracing Your God-Given Humanity addresses the reality that Christ didn’t come to merely enhance some sort of compartmentalized spirituality in us that has no relevance to our daily routines, but to restore our full humanity in all arenas of our lives. A healthy spirituality should lead to a healthy, God-glorifying humanity.

Part 1 of the book is about reclaiming our full humanity and Part 2 is about experiencing it. A Participants Guide for the book (along with a companion DVD) is available to help small groups unpack the Life-giving gospel of Christ together.

Life with a Capital L: Embracing Your God-Given Humanity
Paperback Book

Life with a Capital L: Embracing Your God-Given Humanity Participants Guide
for Small Group Discussion and Study

Life with a Capital L: Embracing Your God-Given Humanity DVD
Companion Videos to accompany the Participants Guide

Life with a Capital L: Embracing Your God-Given Humanity Audio



By Roger Wernette

Paperback Book (Contact Orlando to Purchase)

You are invited — to a life full of meaning and purpose! The Creator of the Universe desires for you to know Him and for you to live your life to its fullest. In his new book, Roger Wernette tells you all about God’s invitation to you. This may be your call of a lifetime, and you owe it to yourself to check it out!



By Roger Wernette

Paperback Book (Contact Orlando to Purchase)

Have you ever wondered if there was more to the Christian faith than just “accepting Christ”? Do you feel the need to give your relationship with Christ a boost? “Wholehearted” will show you how, and will also help you make a lasting impact on your family and community.

By looking at three truly life-changing commands given to us by Jesus, Roger Wernette guides the reader to a new understanding of what Christianity is all about. He shows you how just eleven words—love God, obey God, & teach others to love and obey God—will unlock God’s power in your own life as never before. Thoroughly biblical, “Wholehearted” is both challenging and uplifting. Whatever your age and stage in the Christian faith, you will be glad you read “Wholehearted.”

With discussion questions for each chapter, the book is great for groups as well as for individuals.


The Four Priorities

By John Tolson and Larry Kreider

Paperback Book (Contact Orlando to Purchase)
What is the Four Priorities?

In this book by Dr. John Tolson and Larry Kreider provides a process for applying wellness-centered, Biblical principles that revolutionize personal life as well as the life of the local church.

The book, The Four Priorities: Life is Too Short to Get It Wrong, confronts life’s voids, challenges and demonstrates how to “get it right” through a personal, progressive commitment to Christ, self-valuation, relationship building and community connections. The book hopes to bring direction and focus to thousands of churches and millions of believers across the United States. Exponential multiplication is the outcome of The Four Priorities.
What’s Inside?

The Four Priorities uses a creative mix of real-world case studies and scriptural analogies to identify with readers. It measures your “got right” factor and forces the answers to tough questions, such as “Have you left an imprint on the lives of people and your community?” It then presents a pathway to achieving the following four priorities which characterize a successful, balanced way of life.

Priority 1: A personal, progressive commitment to Jesus Christ
Priority 2: A personal, progressive commitment to yourself
Priority 3: A personal, progressive commitment to relationships
Priority 4: A personal, progressive commitment to the work of Christ in the world
Suggested Timelines and Uses

As the authors take readers through these four categories of life, they provide hands-on tools at the end of each chapter, such as a list of “Daily Reflection Questions” that can be used for individual reading or leading a small group.

There are 40 chapters with 40 topics/outlines that are designed to be read in 40 weeks or worked through in a small group. The authors intend for those who complete the material to be equipped with the Christ-centered outlook on life so that they can make the greatest impact on their family, community and the world.
The Goals and Objectives with this Book?

Originally created in 2003, The Four Priorities has been adapted into its current workbook style with the objective of teaching the principles on how to become a person of high impact. The goal is for the book to be used in seminars, churches, and small groups.


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