The Gathering Ministries

The Gathering Ministries

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The Gathering Forum series, an intersection of faith and culture, is a collection of messages from Ron Peri given weekly on Zoom. These topics are relevant to cultural issues of the day as seen and understood through the lens of scripture. They are also seen with a reference to God’s hand in forging the United States of America.

Contact Larry Kreider from our contact page, place “Zoom” in the subject fields and in the subject field, tell us you want to receive the Zoom link for these messages and we will email them to you.

To speak to the issues and challenges facing men of Christian faith and their families.








To follow God’s leading to find various platforms and venues for speaking to and encouraging men in their faith.

Series Posts Below:

Cancelled! The Politically Correct Culture of the American Left.

We live in a time when there is a major move afoot to silence many segments of our population. What started as political correctness, to avoid offending certain groups, has moved to something far more malevolent. The politically correct culture of the American left is now a culture of cancellation. …