The Gathering USA

While America is in quarantine, The Gathering will hold weekly meetings on Zoom. Join us each Thursdays at 10 am EDT to hear a Bible Study led by Ron Peri. Contact Larry Kreider from our contact page, place “Zoom” in the subject fields and in the subject field, tell us you want to receive the Zoom link for these messages and we will email them to you.

To speak to the issues and challenges facing men of Christian faith and their families.

To follow God’s leading to find various platforms and venues for speaking to and encouraging men in their faith.

Latest in the Forum Series

The Bible and Socialism
The Gathering Forum series with Ron Peri. Ron reveals the true origins, economic realities, and guiding political thoughts of socialism and compares this to the…
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To Save A Nation
Ron’s notes from Thursday’s (June 11, 2020) Forum Series. Download the notes here: To Save A Nation A day comes in the life of a…
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