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Freedom’s Blood

Freedom is purchased by shed blood.

Hebrews 9:14 tells us the blood of Christ purchased our spiritual freedom.

Our liberty in the United States was bought with the blood of American soldiers shed from the Revolutionary War to the present.

Know Your Calling

What is a calling? Is it something only for pastors and missionaries? Or is it for all believers? Why does the church struggle to effectively reach our society?

These questions and their answers are tightly linked. If more believers know and understand our calling, the world will be rapidly transformed.

Ron Peri addresses these issues and offers us a way forward.

New Year’s Fears

Unfortunately, one of the by-products of Covid has been an atmosphere of fear. Spiritually wise people will take precautions to avoid getting or transmitting this virus, but won’t be paralyzed by fear. Fear, for whatever reason, is a prison.