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New Year’s Fears

Unfortunately, one of the by-products of Covid has been an atmosphere of fear. Spiritually wise people will take precautions to avoid getting or transmitting this virus, but won’t be paralyzed by fear. Fear, for whatever reason, is a prison.

A Christian Nation?

Christian Nationalism. For some this is an alarming statement, binging images of the excesses of German Nationalism in the 1930’s. For others it is similar to white nationalism or racism. Yet, as Ron Peri will explain, America was founded as a Christian nation as revealed in the founding documents…

Jihad and Islam

The starkest moment of the collision of civilizations was on Sept 11, 2001. It was a moment of pure evil perpetrated by radical Jihadists. It’s hard to fathom how so-called faithful Moslems could get drunk, visit strip clubs and prostitutes one night and the next day fly jet airliners into the World Trade Center

Israel in Prophecy

God provides a key that unlocks an understanding of both past, current and future events. That key is Israel. God’s timing is very precise. You can get a view of this precision through Ron Peri’s message, Israel in Prophecy.