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PrayerAbove All Else, PrayA Night to Remember Above All Else… Pray!2024/04/222024-04-22 10:52:32
ResurrectionWhy Believe in the ResurrectionA Night to Remember Why Believe in the Resurrection2024/03/192024-03-19 08:36:25
Faith and NationsHistorical and Biblical Origins of The Declaration of IndependenceRonPeri – Historical and Biblical Origins of The Declaration of Independence2023/07/072023-07-07 10:47:59
TechnologyChat GPTRonPeri – Chat GPT Ron Peri discusses the advent of Chat GPT and some of …2023/03/032023-03-03 14:09:46
Faith and ManFreedom’s BloodRonPeri – Freedom’s Blood Freedom is purchased by shed blood. Hebrews 9:14 tells us the …2022/07/072022-07-07 10:01:37
EvangelismKnow Your CallingRonPeri – Know your Calling What is a calling? Is it something only for pastors …2022/04/132022-04-13 10:07:39
Bible Study, PhilippiansPhilippians Chapter 3RonPeri – Philippians Chapter 3 The joy of the Lord is the key to a …2022/04/042022-04-04 14:27:18
PhilippiansPhilippians Chapter 2RonPeri – Philippians Chapter 2 Ron Peri explains how Satan grasped for glory but then …2022/03/302022-03-30 08:32:14
PhilippiansPhilippians: Paul’s Encouragement from Prison – Part 1RonPeri – Philippians: Paul’s Encouragement from Prison – Part 1 The apostle Paul found joy …2022/03/142022-03-14 11:21:25
EvangelismHow to Share your FaithRonPeri – How to Share your Faith Sharing your faith is not complicated. It means …2022/02/112022-02-11 12:16:49
FearNew Year’s FearsRonPeri – New Year’s Fears Unfortunately, one of the by-products of Covid has been an …2022/01/102022-01-10 11:37:26
Faith and Man, Forum SeriesThe Prayer of the RighteousRonPeri – The Prayer of the Righteous In 1857 God’s megaphone got the attention of …2021/11/192021-11-19 14:31:51
Faith and NationsA Christian Nation?RonPeri – A Christian Nation Christian Nationalism. For some this is an alarming statement, binging …2021/11/162021-11-16 17:00:33
Faith and ManEthics and The ChristianRonPeri – Ethics and The Christian Whether you know it or not, your personal ethics …2021/11/092021-11-09 09:58:43
Faith and Nations, IsraelThe Longevity Lifestyle of the JewsRonPeri – The Preservation Of The Jews One of the greatest proofs that there is …2021/09/272021-09-27 14:36:46
Faith and Nations, IsraelThe Preservation Of The JewsRonPeri – The Preservation Of The Jews God gave Israel multiple revelations that if obeyed …2021/09/202021-09-20 11:31:06
IslamJihad and IslamRonPeri – Jihad and Islam The starkest moment of the collision of civilizations was on …2021/09/162021-09-16 06:56:25
IsraelIsrael in ProphecyRonPeri – Israel in Prophecy God provides a key that unlocks an understanding of both …2021/08/022021-08-02 16:14:43
Faith and ManAbraham’s BlessingRonPeri – Abraham’s Blessing God said all people on earth would be blessed through Abraham …2021/07/262021-07-26 11:50:33
Faith and ManThe Gladiator and the MonkRonPeri – The Gladiator and the Monk Ron Peri relates events in early Christianity as …2021/07/202021-07-20 14:01:08
Science / BibleScience And the BibleRonPeri – Science And the Bible Science and the Bible are not enemies. Through Ron …2021/07/122021-07-12 14:19:44
InterviewsTroy Schmidt Interviews Joseph DursoPastor Troy Schmidt interviews – Joseph Dursley UCF Political Science Professor Pastor Troy Schmidt interviews …2021/06/282021-06-28 12:17:11
InterviewsTroy Schmidt interviews Jason RapertPastor Troy Schmidt interviews – Jason Rapert Arkansas State Senator2021/06/012021-06-01 10:14:43
RevivalWhat is RevivalRonPeri – What is Revival Revival: a time of battle, a huge battle, when many …2021/05/242021-05-24 10:41:12
Cancel CultureUnderstanding Critical Race TheoryCunningly Devised Fables RonPeri – Understanding Critical Race Theory Ron expounds on Critical Race Theory, …2021/05/182021-05-18 09:36:59
CrucifixionThe Prayer For ForgivenessRonPeri – The Prayer For Forgiveness Ron expounds on Jesus’s last words, a prayer for …2021/05/102021-05-10 09:56:44
InterviewsTroy Schmidt Interviews Matt BarberPastor Troy Schmidt – interviews Matt Barber Christian Civil Rights Watch.2021/05/072021-05-07 11:00:14
InterviewsTroy Schmidt Interviews Jeremy Dys, First Liberty Institute CounselPastor Troy Schmidt – interviews Jeremy Dys (from) First Liberty Institute Special Counsel for Litigation …2021/03/262021-03-26 15:36:10
CrucifixionI ThirstRonPeri – I Thirst Jesus Christ died for us. He took the most extreme form …2021/03/202021-03-20 09:38:43
RaptureThe RaptureRonPeri – The Rapture Through our Lord Jesus Christ we have victory over death. Put …2021/03/152021-03-15 16:16:51
Cancel CultureThe Book That Cannot Be CancelledRonPeri – The Book That Cannot Be Cancelled The Holy Bible, the most famous, widely …2021/03/052021-03-05 14:33:23
Cancel CultureChristian HGTV Producer Fired For His FaithRonPeri – Pastor Troy Schmidt Talks To David Benham Christian HGTV Producer Fired For His …2021/03/012021-03-01 18:59:34
Holy DaysThe Real Lesson of Valentine’s DayRonPeri – The Real Lesson of Valentine’s Day Ron Peri digs into the history of …2021/02/152021-02-15 10:18:54
Faith and ManRahab, Saved by FaithRonPeri – Joshua 2 – Rahab, Saved by Faith It is God’s nature to destroy …2021/02/082021-02-08 09:16:23
Faith and NationsGod or MoneyRonPeri – God or Money – Who Do We Serve? Whom do we serve? God …2021/01/292021-01-29 11:00:40
Faith and ManIs God in Control?RonPeri – Is God in Control Is God in control? Ultimately, absolutely, and always, Yes! …2021/01/262021-01-26 09:50:17
Faith and ManThe Sight of FaithRonPeri – The Sight of Faith – Joshua 6:1-2 Believing What You Cannot See Now …2021/01/152021-01-15 10:50:46
Faith and ManIf the Lord WillsRon Peri – If The Lord Wills (Life Does Not Always Go As Planned) Now …2021/01/092021-01-09 10:11:58
Faith and ManSomething New For ChristmasRon Peri – Something New For Christmas Ron speaks about how God has provided us …2020/12/212020-12-21 09:04:57
Spiritual WarfareRon Peri – Earth WarsRon Peri – Earth Wars – Joshua 5:13-15 Today’s conflict in our country between irreconcilable …2020/12/122020-12-12 11:00:08
American MiraclesThe Battle of MidwayRon Peri – American Miracles – The Battle of Midway The United States of America …2020/11/132020-11-13 11:20:13
Faith and ManTruth Or ConsequencesRon Peri – Truth Or Consequences Ron explains what happens when you believe a lie. …2020/11/132020-11-13 10:29:07
Faith and ManWhere Is God When He Is Silent?Ron Peri – Where Is God When He Is Silent? Ron explains about prayer — …2020/11/092020-11-09 08:57:06
Faith and NationsDefeating the Culture of DeathBringing America Back to God Ron discusses the culture of death, epitomized by the widespread …2020/10/062020-10-06 15:08:58
American MiraclesAmerican Miracles Part IIIProvidence and the Pilgrims A handful of men, women, and children of faith risked everything, …2020/09/252020-09-25 12:26:57
America's RootsAmerican Miracles – Part IIGod’s Hand in Winning the American Revolution Ron discusses God’s hand in our winning the …2020/09/182020-09-18 19:39:40
American MiraclesAmerican MiraclesAmerican Miracles In this hopeful presentation, Ron reveals miracles that saved the republic from defeat …2020/09/112020-09-11 14:46:15
America's RootsAmerica’s Roots Part IIIRon continues to delve into America’s roots as a moral nation animated by the country’s …2020/09/082020-09-08 10:26:35
America's RootsAmerica’s Roots Part IIAmerica was founded by and for a moral population, a belief reflected in all aspects …2020/09/022020-09-02 10:53:17
Faith and Nations, Spiritual WarfareCancelled! The Politically Correct Culture of the American Left.We live in a time when there is a major move afoot to silence many …2020/08/252020-08-25 06:59:37
America's Roots, Faith and NationsAmerica’s Roots Part I – The Great AwakeningThe Great Awakening came after a time of tumult in America and England, and transformed …2020/08/172020-08-17 12:19:34
Faith and Nations, Forum SeriesTo Save a Nation IIIn his seminal book The Naked Communist, FBI Agent W. Cleon Skousen includes a list …2020/08/102020-08-10 15:42:07
Faith and NationsSocialism and the Ten CommandmentsGod gave 10 commandments for mankind to thrive. They define our relationship to Him and …2020/06/292020-06-29 09:45:39
Forum Series, SocialismThe Bible and SocialismThe Gathering Forum series with Ron Peri. Ron reveals the true origins, economic realities, and …2020/06/262020-06-26 14:13:03
Faith and Nations, Forum SeriesTo Save A NationA day comes in the life of a nation when God removes his restraining hand. …2020/06/112020-06-11 17:54:28
Faith and ManWhen the Law of Man Conflicts with the Law of GodRon’s notes from Tuesday’s (June 2, 2020) Forum Series. Download the notes here: When the …2020/06/082020-06-08 16:19:59
GloryWhen Does the Glory ReturnRon’s notes from Tuesday’s (May 26, 2020) Forum Series. Download the notes here: When Does …2020/05/282020-05-28 16:09:31
GloryThe Glory Yet to ComeRon’s notes from Tuesday’s (May 5, 2020) Forum Series. Download the notes here: The Glory …2020/05/072020-05-07 17:27:53
IsraelIsrael and the ChurchRon’s notes from Tuesday’s (April 28, 2020) Forum Series. Download the notes here: Israel and …2020/04/302020-04-30 16:58:40
IsraelGod and IsraelRon’s notes from Tuesday’s (April 21, 2020) Forum Series. Download the notes here: God and …2020/04/232020-04-23 14:54:49
Spiritual WarfareSpiritual Warfare at a National LevelPower Point presentation from Tuesday’s (April 14, 2020) Forum Series. Download the notes here: Spiritual …2020/04/142020-04-14 13:54:58
Faith and ScienceFaith & Science #2  Gathering Forum series taught by Ron Peri takes a look at current scientific theories …2020/03/172020-03-17 17:02:12
Faith and ScienceFaith & Science #1The Gathering Forum series with Ron Peri. Ron reveals the true origins and guiding scientific …2020/03/052020-03-05 10:01:46
SocialismSocialism, the Media, and the 9th CommandmentThe Gathering Forum series with Ron Peri. Ron reveals the true origins, economic realities, and …2020/01/302020-01-30 14:22:56
SocialismHow Socialism Displaced the Bible in American EducationThe Gathering Forum series with Ron Peri. Ron reveals the true origins, economic realities, and …2020/01/232020-01-23 14:19:42
SocialismSocialism, How We Got HereThe Gathering Forum series with Ron Peri. Ron reveals the true origins, economic realities, and …2020/01/162020-01-16 14:17:04