What is Revival

What is Revival

RonPeri – What is Revival

Revival: a time of battle, a huge battle, when many people turn to Jesus Christ in a short period of time. We pray for revival in this time of great change. Ron explores three major revivals that have taken place since the 1600s in detail: First Great Awakening In America, Second Great Awakening In America (1796-1836), and the most recent, The Welsh Revival, and Evan Roberts.
Importantly, there would not have been the American Revolution but for George Whitfield.
Notably, the abolitionist movement was born in the Second Revival.
In a revival, people can’t be held back. They rush to be saved! We are in such a time.

Ron’s notes from Thursday’s (May 20, 2021) Forum Series.

Download the notes here: What-is-Revival

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